Vegetable Seeds - Characters

BHINDI VEERA 100T.250T -Colour Light Green.
-Fruit Size 8-10 cm.
- Resistance YMV Virus.
-Harvestihg 45-50 Days.
-Test good for vegetables.
BHINDI AKSHRA 100T.250T -Plant heighted Green.
-Harvestihg 45-50 Days.
- Fruit Size 8-10 cm.
-Resistance YMV Virus.
- Test good for vegetables.
BITTER GOURD ARIANE LONG 50P -Vines With Vigorous growth habit and strong foliage density.
-Fruits medium prickly with interrupted sharp and blunt ridges.
-Medium Long white color with greenish tinge.
-Picking starts in 53-55 days after sowing.
-Average fruit weight 85g.
-High yield potential
BOTTLE GOURD MAHI 50P - Colour Light Green.
-Harvestihg 60-70 Days.
-Length 35-50 cm.
-Weight 350-800 gm.
BRINJAL GREEN WONDER 10P -Erect growth habit. -Unthorny stem and leaf.
-Fruit colour green with light green stripes and slight purple tinge.
-Fruiting pattern clusterous.
-Fruit calyx green &unthorny.
-Days to first picking 60-65 days.
-Average fruit weight 55-70 gm.
-Transport quality good.
BRINJAL PURPLE KING 10P -Erect to semi erect plant with profuse.
-Fruits medium round,bluish purple,suitable for bharta,borne singly with an suitable for bhrta, borne singly with an average fruit weight of 150-200g.
-First picking at100-107 days after sowing.
-good taste,keeping quality and transportabity.
BEANS PONDS VRUNDA 500gm -Strong, dwarf bushy growth habit dense foliage and large leaves.
-Plant height 80-90cm,pods long, flat smooth, sweet, fiber less attractive shiny dark green
-Marketable size pods on an average 10-12cm broad
-First picking at 50-55 days after sowing
-Round, compact with short core length and bluish green colour head.
-Marketable size head[1.1-1.5kg]is achieved in 65-75 days after transplanting.
-Field holding capacity 15-18 days.
-Good keeping quality and transportability.
CABBAGE ARIANE 501 1 Kilogram  
CHILLIES TEJ 10P -Plant semi spreading with profuse branching.
-Pungent, long [15.0-15,5 cm] green and shiny fruits.
-First picking at 89-93 day.
-High yielding hybrid preferred for fresh green chilli market.
-excellent transportability
-Suitable for summer cultivation.
CHILLIES AS 432 10P -Firest harvest 45-50 Days
-Length 8-10 cm
-Width 6-8 cm
Weight 140-180 Gm
-Early Variety
-High Yield Potential
CAULIFLOWER WHITE GOLD 10P -White colour cauliflower.
-Good foliage covering the curd.
-Curd formation in 60-65 days after transplanting.
-Good field holding and keeping quality and transportability.
-Average curd weight 1-1.5 kg
COWPEAS SUMAN 100gm/250gm/500gm -Plant Medium Size
- Harvestihg 60-65 Days
-Weight 20 gm
- Test good for cocking
CUCUMBER SUHANI 50P -Very strong plant vigour and folige density.
-Attractive Mottled green fruits.
-Fruit are cylindrical, length 20-22 cm.
-Fruit wt 150-170 gm
-1st harvest starts in 40-45 days after sowing.
-Good uniformity in size and shape.
-Sowing Season is jan-oct.
-Very high yield with quality fruits.
GALKA SIDDHI 50gm -Vigorous growth habit
-Fruits smooth dark green
-1st picking in 47-49 days
-Avg wt upto 120-130 gms
RIDGE GOURD RIDDHI 50P -Vine with uniform growth habit and strong foliage density bearing medium long[35-40cm]slender,
-green fruits weighing 130-140gm
-Excellent yield potential and keeping quality.
-First picking in 53-55 days after sowing.
PEAS AS-7200 50P  
RADDISH WHITE KING 50P -Early Maturity.
-Ready to harvest in 40-45 days.
-Roots smooth and white and Root length 10-12 inch and heavy.
-Good field holding capacity
-Excellent transportation quality
ONION VISHAWA 1 Kg -Fruity Color uniform light red -Maturity Picking 100-110 days after transplanting -Fruit Size Medium uniform
WATER MELON SWEET KING 50gm -Harvest 75-80 Days
-Fruit Are Rounded
-Weiht 3-5 Kg
-Fruit Colour Green
-Sugar 15-17%
-Good For test
TOMATO AKANSHA 10P -Determinata to Semi determinate
-Round fruits with uniform shouler (WS)
-Acidic Taste
-Avg.Fruit wt 65-75 gm.
-Tolerant to TLCV
TOMATO AASTHA 10P -Semi determinate
-Oval Shaped fruits
-Excellent Firmness
-Avg Fruit wt.75-85 gm
-Tolerant to (TLCY)
-Good Regeneration capacity
-First picking at 70-75 days after transplanting.
TETTI(MELONS) SURUCHI 50gm -Medim Sugar Good Qulity For Eating
-Fruti Colour Red
GUAR GREEN SHAKTI 100gm/250gm/500gm - Plant Habit is single Branch
-Colour Lignt Green
-Length 14-17 Cm
-suitable For all Area
-Higher Yiled Capacity
PAPIHA MADHAVI 50gm - Sowing Period 1:October
- Sowing Period 2:December-January
- First Harvest :110-120 Days
- Seed Quantity Per Acre: 1-2 Kg
- Sowing distance between rowa/ridges: 180-350 c.m.
- Sowing distance between plants:120 cm
- Sowing Depth 2-3 cm
- Colour –Dark green
- Weight 10-12 kg
-Average height 30-45 cm
-Green with special odour.
-A multi cut variety from which 3-5 cutting can be taken at an interval of 7-8 days.
-first cutting at 10-12 days after sowing

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